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Friends of the Fairplay Community

The Friends of the Fairplay Community have been honored to serve Fairplay and surrounding communities since1938. Our mission was to improve learning and technology opportunities in the community by providing a location where residents could access educational resources.


In November, 2019 our organization dispersed at total of $64,000. Monies we raised for our Building Fund in the amount of $51,300 were given to five deserving 501 (c) (3) organizations. Each of these recipients is pursuing the creation of either a library or learning center benefiting the Fairplay/South Park community. The Building Fund was set up to include funds from specific Building Fundraisers and can only be used by another 501 (c) (3) organization with the same purpose.


The same month we also distributed $12,500 from our General Fund to five different organizations which we felt support our community at large. The goal of each of these groups is to improve the lives of residents in our area with a focus on opportunities for learning. All these funds were raised by the Friends throughout the years at various fundraising events and were not designated as building fundraiser events.


As of January 2020, the Friends of the Fairplay Community (Library) will officially dissolve the organization. We find it is no longer feasible to continue our fund-raising efforts under our current structure. Our sincere thanks to everyone in the community who so graciously supported the Friends throughout all our years with either monetary donations or volunteer hours – or both! We appreciate every penny and every minute that was contributed. It has been our privilege to be part of and support the great community of Fairplay and South Park.


Thank you.


Friends of the Fairplay Community (Library)

Community and Building Funds Awards

The Friends of the Fairplay Community presented several local non-profit organizations with grants on November 18, 2019. We awarded two types of grants for a total of $64,000. These funds were given in accordance with the Friend’s mission of improving the lives of local citizens plus providing new learning and technology opportunities to the community.

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