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Community and Building Funds Awards

The Friends of the Fairplay Community presented several local non-profit organizations with grants on November 18, 2019. We awarded two types of grants for a total of $64,000. These funds were given in accordance with the Friend’s mission of improving the lives of local citizens plus providing new learning and technology opportunities to the community.

The first of these are the Community Awards.


The Community Awards are given to local organizations who support our community by helping area residents. These funds were raised by the Friends in numerous fundraising events though out the year, (pizza night, game night, annual Pig Roast, Amazon Smile, City Market) and especially our involvement with the Town of Fairplay in serving drinks at the annual summer concerts and assisting with the Plein Air event. For those Town events alone, the Friends volunteered over 300 hours.


Last year when we began this Community Award, we were able to disperse over $7000. This year, we are pleased that we are able to direct $12,500 for the awards.


When we received all the applications, we reviewed them to see how closely the requests aligned with our mission of improving the lives of the residents of our community with a focus on opportunities for learning. Not every application seemed to fit this criteria. Those that did are here today to accept the awards.

Community Awards were given to:


The Boys & Girls Club of the High Rockies – Amy Carman

Request funds for programming and scholarships – we would like to emphasis that these funds go specifically for the boys & girls of South Park. We appreciate all you do for our youth here in the Fairplay Community. - $2000 Awarded


Destination Imagination – Stephanie and Lily Carpenter

Request funds for teams when they go to Global competition. If not used in 2020 the money will be saved for future Global needs. Destination Imagination is so good in encouraging our students to think outside the box and work together. Thank you for being part of this. We know this requires hours and hours of your time. - $500 Awarded


Mosquito Range Heritage Initiative – Cara Doyle

Request for funds for program support for natural resource education and exploration. MRHI has been an important part of outdoor education for so many residents of this area since ? Thank you for all the creative ways you engage people in the outdoors. - $4250 Awarded


South Park Food Bank – Jane Newman

Request for funds for fresh fruit and vegetables for 12 months of distribution. I think everyone here realizes the important need the Food Bank fills for our local residents. We hope this will help with items you need to purchase for your customers. - $4250



South Park Recreation Center – Maggie Clark

Request funds for memberships and scholarships for football and soccer. We appreciated the breakout of how the funds would be applied. In reviewing the request, we would like these funds to be applied to the Grizzlie Football and Soccer scholarship programs. The Rec Center is a vital part of the community and we appreciate all you do Maggie to continue to offer exciting new programs. - $1500 Awarded



The Building Fund Award is based on requests from 501 (c) (3) organizations who demonstrated they are improving the learning and technology opportunities in our community. These funds were raised though out the years during building fundraisers as the Friends worked towards the building of a learning /technology center.


Just a very brief history of the funds and why The Friends are dispersing them at this time.


In 2010 the Friends decided that there was a need for a new library /learning center in the Fairplay area. At that time a very generous supportive donor came forward with seed money to start the Building Campaign Fund. From 2010 until 2017 the Friends were actively fundraising for a new building, in fact purchased property on Bullet Road for the actual library. When the last effort in 2017 did not come through, we realized that our dream possibly would not happen and directed our fundraising from Building Fund to General Fund. (Thus giving us the funds for the Community Awards)


In making this difficult decision we had long conversations with our original donor and reached the mutual decision that we would return the donation minus occurred expenses in the form of a quit claim deed to the Bullet Road property.


The remaining funds had to be “donated” to a 501 c 3 organization that would be involved in education, learning, technology. As we were already doing the Community Awards, the Friends voted on dispersing the Building Funds in the same manner – thus the recipients that are here today will share a portion of $51,300 available in this fund.


Building Funds Awards were given to:


Alma Foundation – Nancy Comer

Request funds to create a business/learning/technology center in the Alma Town Hall

This request is so similar to what the Friends were hoping to accomplish. We are pleased to be able to assist you with this project. - $13,500 Awarded


Mountain Area Land Trust – Lynn Caligiuri

Request funds for improvements to the existing barn at the Sacramento Creek Ranch (prior – Beaver Ponds) for an education and research facility. My first experience with MALT was a hike a few years ago on Pennsylvania Mtn. At that time I was impressed with the emphasis on educating the local residents. The Friends are pleased to be able to assist you with these funds as you continue to make improvements to Sacramento Creek Ranch. - $7500 Awarded


Rocky Mountain Land Library – Jeff and Ann Lee

Requests funds to support the creation of a children’s library at Buffalo Peaks Ranch.

How many years ago did you approach Patty Chapman looking for a home for your 35,000 personal library? I am not certain how many people here are aware of Buffalo Peaks Ranch and what you have accomplished with grants, volunteers, donations to create such a little gem here in South Park. I will let you explain after the awards what other projects you are doing but the Friends are thrilled to be able to help with your children’s library. This definitely fits into our mission. - $7000 Awarded


South Park Historical Foundation – Carol Davis, Cindy Huelsman

Request funds to support the needs for the Dredge Office for educational displays of the dredging gold in the Fairplay area and expansion of the archive building for storage space for artifacts and historic records. I believe everyone here acknowledges the value of the Historical Foundation and the importance of the South Park History Museum in our community. The Friends are pleased to be able to contribute to this worthwhile expansion so both residents and visitors may continue to learn about our local history. - $7000 Awarded


The Town of Fairplay – Mason Green, Tina Darrah

Request funds for remodeling of the building at 501 Main Street


The potential for this property is quite overwhelming and we are excited for the town to have this opportunity to have a multi use facility available for residents. The Friends would love to contribute to this project by including a space for learning/technology/education for area residents to use. As the feasibility studies are currently being done, and the project is not defined as to specific use, the Friends request that this money be put into an escrow account until 2021. At that time if a learning/technology/educational area is not desired, then the funds would be directed to the Alma Foundation for their Learning Center.


Again, we can’t thank the Town (administration and trustees) for supporting the Friends in the past years as we pursued our dream of a new facility. We wish you the very best with your building. - $16,300 Awarded